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24 Bug Crafts & Activities for Kids

Collection of crafts and activities

If your child is interested in insects, then these bug crafts and activities are sure to interest him! These insect crafts are perfect for preschoolers and are so simple and fun to create using items you probably already have around your house!

This post contains 23 insect crafts and activities that are perfect for kids who are interested in nature. These bug-themed crafts, activities and snacks are a great way to keep young children busy while learning important observational skills and more about the world around them!

Crafts for preschoolers

These easy projects use basic craft supplies for kids like pipe cleaners made of pom poms and colored paper to make all kinds of cute bug art!

Butterflies clothespins

Toddler Laundry Butterfly Craft

Inspired by Mer Mag clothespin butterflies, we’ve turned some art stamps into really cute wall decor!

First, prepare a drawing, coloring, or stamp and stencil activity using a few different pieces of paper. Let the art pieces dry if needed.

Then cut out the butterfly wing shape from the art. Glue a clothespin to the center of each. If you don’t have a clothespin, try a popsicle stick! Add the antennae of the pipe cleaner (add a few wooden beads to the ends if you have them)!

DIY paper bug craft

Paper crafts on the table.

Paper bug crafts are a great activity for preschoolers. Simply cut out the colored card stock in the shape of different bugs. Use paint pens and markers to decorate the bug bodies, then hot glue everything together! very easy!

Image source and inspiration from Tell love and party

Boom Boom Caterpillar Craft

Crafts caterpillar pompom on the table.

Your kids will love these adorable pom pom crafts. Get some colorful balls, glittery eyes, and glue to create these colorful creatures, then use green craft paper to create the leaves.

Image source and inspiration from The mother made it

Butterfly stocking craft

Cardboard butterfly

This craft can be used as a storage for crafting supplies! A cardboard tube and two cardboard boxes turn into this cute butterfly storage box.

Image source and inspiration from Handmade Charlotte

Ladybug craft from egg carton

Ladybug making from egg carton

Pull the egg carton out of the recycling bin and transform it into this adorable little ladybug!

Image and inspiration from One small project

Movable caterpillar craft

Colorful caterpillar craft

This beautiful caterpillar craft is movable. It’s a great drawing or coloring exercise for young kids too!

Image and inspiration by Fireflies and Mudpies

Craft bee print

Handmade beekeeping

Handicrafts are always a great success! Turn your newest handprint into a cute little bee using only colored paper and a black marker.

Image and inspiration from Simple everyday mom

How to draw insect footprints

Draw insects with fingerprints literal photo.

Learn more about how to draw insects using your fingerprints in this ladybug craft! Create colorful bugs using stamp pads, paper, sharp tools, and your fingers!

Image source and inspiration from Cottage chic

DIY Firefly Suncatcher

DIY firefly suncatcher craft.

Fireflies are such wonderful insects! Create your own firefly suncatcher using tissue paper, contact paper, glue, and black cardstock. When you’re done stick your craft to the window and watch the sun shine through!

Image source and inspiration from I heart arts and crafts

Artisanal butterfly imprint

Hand holding butterfly print craft.

Handprinted butterflies are an easy and colorful craft that you can make with your little one! Grab the colorful cardstock. Your child’s handprints form the wings of a butterfly. Have fun decorating the wings with markers and putting on cute eyes!

Image source and inspiration from Childhood charm

Paper ring bugs

Paper bug craft.

This preschool insect craft lets your child’s creativity really shine! The colorful craft paper forms the body of the bug and the wings can be any color, shape or design your child chooses!

Image source and inspiration from our baby things

Bug themed activities for kids

These bug activities will get kids moving, strategizing and exploring nature!

Caterpillar Scavenger Hunt

Easy caterpillar craft for young kids

This caterpillar scavenger hunt is the perfect interactive bug craft for preschoolers!

Cut thin strips of paper and fold them together with an accordion to form “caterpillars” out of paper. Keep track of them by adding a number somewhere on each one. You can paint on the face too, if you want to!

Then hide them all over your house or garden and give your child a basket or bowl to collect! Easy and such fun for a young audience!!

Hunting for small leaf larvae

Fossil insect activities

Playdough bug fossils

Assemble any bug toys you have and some play dough to create these digs as an easy bug activity for preschoolers!

Image and inspiration from Edit inspiration

Dig for the insects’ sensory “dirt” box

Bugs in the sensory dirt bin idea

Insect sensory boxes are a great way for your child to learn about nature!

First, make the fake “dirt” using 2 cups of flour or baking soda plus about 1/2 cup of cocoa powder. Add water to make the “dirt” a bit lumpy, or add more water to make it more like slush.

Place the dirt in a large container or plastic box, then hide the “bugs” inside. Use toys, plastic bugs, beads, rocks, or pipe cleaner bits.

Your child can use spoons. Bamboo tongsOr cups to extract it all. If you have a sieve, have them put everything in it and then they can rinse it all in the sink for an extra bonus activity!

Insect memory game

Bug on the floor memory game with games.

Memory games are always fun and this bug-themed activity is perfect for bug day! Cut out the template on the cards and have fun mixing and matching the pictures to see who got the most matches!

Image source and inspiration from Childhood charm

DIY bug control box

Bug check box for kids

This bug control box is a unique idea that combines dexterity and observational skills! Using whatever materials you have around the house, create a box to put flowers, leaves, or sticks from your backyard. Leave it outside and come back later to check your findings with your child!

Image source and inspiration from Barley and birch

Insect hotel activity

Insect hotel on the counter.

This insect hotel is an ideal insect activity for preschoolers to teach more about the natural habitats of insects. Using natural materials like rocks, moss, sticks, and pinecones, your kids can create a bug shelter to keep them outside!

Image source and inspiration Happy playtime for young children

Autumn leaf butterfly craft

Butterfly stick and leaves.

These butterflies and dragonflies made of leaves and pinecones are another activity that gets your preschooler out into nature! Find the leaves to make the wings, and try to find 2 large and 2 small leaves, and a stick or pinecone to make the body.

Image source and inspiration from One small project

Bug themed snacks

If you are going to start a bug business, why not make one that you can eat!? These activities do double duty as a project and snack.

Dirt cakes

Earthen Halloween cake on a plate.

Bring fun into the kitchen by making these insect-themed earthen cakes with your child! Top your homemade cupcakes with a layer of chocolate and crushed Oreo cookies to create “traps” and finish with sweet and sour gummy worms!

Image source and inspiration from Little Sunny Kitchen

Insect cookies

Cookies decorated with insects on the table.

Image source and inspiration from All recipes

Fruit and vegetable snacks

Fruit and vegetable bug snacks on a cutting board.

Image source and inspiration from I love vegetarian

Healthy fruit snacks

Chop up some of your favorite fruits and vegetables and turn them into mini bugs with some peanut butter or cream cheese. An edible insect activity is always fun!

Bug themed fruit snacks for kids.

Try another version of fruit and vegetable dumplings, like kebabs! This is a great summer snack after the pool.

Image source and inspiration from on my child’s plate

Butterfly snacks with peanut butter

Snacks of butter fly on the table.

Instead of ants on a tree trunk, make butterflies out of the same classic snack supplies: peanut butter and celery!

Image source and inspiration from Craft chicks

Ladybug pastry

Ladybug pretzels

Melt candies and chocolates after school or after a camp snack when you turn a pastry into an edible ladybug!

Image and inspiration from See Lindsay

More craft and activity ideas

Insects are always a subject of fascination for children. Learning more about them in nature through insect activities, creating insect crafts, or simply in the kitchen are all great ways for your little one to explore the exciting world of insects in a fun way!


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