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22 Disney Crafts for Kids

22 Disney Craft Kits for Kids

Where are my fellow Disney loving families out there? Well, if your kids love Disney just as much as we do, then you might just be looking for Disney craft ideas!

This post features various Disney-themed crafts, tutorials, and craft projects that will help you bring more Disney magic into your days after watching your favorite movie over and over again.

All of these Disney crafts and tutorials are suitable for kids so your child is sure to enjoy every second of their creations no matter which option they choose!

Mickey and Minnie crafts

A great place to start is with one of the classic Disney movies: Mickey and Minnie Character! Kids seem to recognize and love these two almost universally, and a few simple yet ingenious crafts make these crafts suitable for even the youngest crafters out there!

Mickey Mouse Perler Beads

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Perler Beads - Disney Craft Ideas

Perler beads are suitable for children of all ages. Grab some colorful beads and create everyone’s favorite little mouse couple design!

Image source and inspiration from DIY candy.

Recycled Mickey Mouse dinnerware

Mickey Craft Recycled Bottle - Disney Craft Ideas

Do you have some empty water bottles and don’t know what to do with them? Disney’s Mickey and Minnie crafts recycle your water bottles to create these adorable little containers. Your kids will have fun coloring and decorating them or filling them with their favorite items!

Image source and inspiration from Kim and Carrie.

Homemade Minnie Mouse card

Minnie Mouse Car - Disney Craft Ideas

These Mickey and Minnie Mouse cards can be great invitations for Valentine’s Day or school parties. It’s a great cutting practice for any child working on their scissoring skills.

Image source and inspiration from A bit of a perfectionist.

Craft Paper Plates Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Paper Crafts for Minnie and Mickey - Disney Craft Ideas

Disney craft bowls are so much fun if your kids love Minnie and Mickey Mouse! It is very easy to create this craft with your kids using the materials you have around your home.

Image source and inspiration from Simple everyday mom.

Mickey Craft resistance band

Mickey Tip Resist Craft - Disney Craft Ideas

This Mickey resistance band craft is simple and so much fun with your toddlers or preschool kids. Your kids can dip the pom poms into the paint to create a fun pattern. This technique could also work well on T-shirts or pants as part of your kids’ Halloween costumes, but using fabric paint instead.

Image source and inspiration from ABC DEE Learning.

If you’re looking for a wearable Mickey craft to make for you and your baby, check out my DIY Mommy and Me Disney Shirts tutorial. They are great for Disney fans and getting along with your child is always so much fun!

Pixar crafts

Some of the most creative minds in the world dream up the Pixar characters we all know and love! With these Pixar crafts, kids can recreate their favorites using items from around the house. Perfect for rainy day crafts, or a Pixar themed birthday party!

Forky Kraft toilet paper

Forky Craft Toilet Paper Roll - Disney Craft Ideas

Dress up as a Forky and make this easy toilet paper craft that works for you! Forky is a new character in Toy Story 4. This is a fun Disney craft for kids and it’s very easy to create a costume based on this beloved character.

Image source and inspiration from Simple everyday mom.

How to make an “UP” house out of a popsicle stick

Popsicle UP House - Disney Craft Ideas

“UP” is one of the funniest Pixar movies out there. Can you believe that you and your kids can create Carl’s famous house using just popsicle sticks and paint!?

Check out this craft here.

“UP” paper bag industry

Up Paper Bag Craft - Disney Craft Ideas

And if your child is a fan of the movie “UP” and especially the character Russell, why not make this craft that depicts his favorite character as well? This craft is done using a paper bag, construction paper and glue. If you want to dress up as Russell for Halloween, it’s easy to dress up your own Girl/Boy Scout costume!

Image source and inspiration from Edit inspiration.

Story Craft game

Paper craft from Toy Story - Disney craft ideas

Everyone’s favorite cowboy never goes out of style! Dress up as Woody, Forky or an alien, and make matching Toy Story bookmarks!

Image source and inspiration The best ideas for children.

Monsters Company for the manufacture of doors

Monster's Inc Door Craft - Disney Craft Ideas

Our Monster’s Inc obsession never ends! This colorful and easy door craft will make your child feel like they are in their favorite monster city! This is a really cool project if you’re hosting a Disney themed Halloween party, especially if your family is planning to dress up their friendly monsters!

Check out my full tutorial here.

Pixar Cars Popsicle stick craft

Popsicle Pixar Cars - Disney Craft Ideas

Car movies are hugely popular with any vehicle-loving kid in your life. Lighting McQueen and his friend Mater is another great Disney craft you can try.

Image source and inspiration from Amy Bright.

Crafts for Disney princesses

Who is your child’s favorite Disney princess or heroine? It’s time for them to make their own little princesses out of paper, popsicle sticks, or even items they find on a picnic!

Snow White paper doll

Snow White Paper Craft - Disney Craft Ideas

Who doesn’t love a paper doll? If Snow White is your favorite princess, then this sweet craft would be wonderfully framed on a gallery wall in the nursery or nursery!

Image source and inspiration from Kim and Carrie.

Moana Canoe Craft

Moana popsicle stick - Disney craft ideas

Can you tell from this list that popsicle sticks make for some of the best and most noteworthy crafts for kids? How about this Moana boat? You can display this on your shelf after you’re done!

Image source and inspiration from Catch my party.

Princess clothespin dolls

Princess clothespin dolls - Disney crafts for kids

These clothespin princess dolls are a unique and practical craft too! Use them as slide clips or to save homework packages after you’re done.

Image source and inspiration from time out with mom.

Princess dress up

Disney Princess Dress - Disney Craft Ideas

Create the most adorable princess dresses out of leaves and flower petals with these printable craft papers! Bonus: you can spend some time outdoors and take walks to gather the items needed for this craft. Win-win!

Image source and inspiration from mother nature.

Encanto Mirabelle Madrigal Craft Glasses

Encanto Mirabelle Glasses - Disney Craft Ideas

These Mirabelle glasses will complement any Encanto outfit or dress-up box! They are made of colorful pipe cleaners and look just like the real thing!

Image source and inspiration from Children’s activities blog.

Speaking of Disney princesses, if you’re looking for more food crafts, check out the Izzy Encanto Cupcake or Goose Goose Cinderella Cupcake.

Snow Globe Olaf Craft

Olaf Paper Craft - Disney Craft Ideas

Not a princess, but Queen Elsa’s favorite sidekick instead… Who doesn’t love Olaf? This adorable snowman craft is easy, fun and perfect if your family is obsessed with Frozen!

Image source and inspiration from Simple everyday mom.

Disneyland crafts

Popsicle stick ferris wheel

Lollipop Ferris wheel - Disney craft ideas

This Ferris wheel has to be one of the coolest Disney craft projects for kids. It’s a few steps and takes a while to put together but it’s so much fun for your Pixar-loving kids!

Check out my full tutorial here.

Dumbo cardboard ride

Dumbo cardboard ride - Disney craft ideas

This lifelike Dumbo ride is a craft for the whole family. Kids can paint the different parts and parents can help put them together. It really works! Display it on a shelf, or use it for playtime!

Check out the full tutorial here!

Small world crafts

It's a little word craft - Disney Craft Ideas

This small world craft is like the signs that welcome visitors to the famous cruise. And what kid wouldn’t love a craft that parents can display on their front porch in a plant pot for all to see?

Image source and inspiration from Disney Food Blog.

Craft painting fireworks in the castle

Castle fireworks board - disney craft ideas

There’s nothing like watching the fireworks over Cinderella’s castle in person. Childhood magic! If your family is going to Disneyland this year, this Castle Fireworks Disney craft game will be a lot of fun especially for your little ones!

Image source and inspiration from Messed up dusty lifestyle.

Mickey Mouse pumpkin

Mickey Pumpkin - Disney Craft Ideas

These Mickey Mouse-inspired pumpkins are made from foam pumpkins, so there’s no need to carve a real pumpkin! This is a fun activity that you can do all month long and makes a great piece of decor in your home or in your child’s room!

Check out the full craft tutorial here.

If you’re spending time at Disneyland during Halloween or want an easy way to incorporate Disney into your Halloween celebrations at home, these Disney Denim Halloween Patches are just the thing you need!

Disney craft ideas collection

Disney crafts are a great addition to any weekend movie marathon. Watch your favorite movie, then create your own character with one of these fun, simple, kid-friendly DIY projects and create more Disney memories together!


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