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2024 Printable Calendar – Crafts by Amanda

Keep track of your plans, birthdays or due dates with this free 2024 printable calendar featuring watercolor flowers in soft, subtle colors.

Why do we love these printables?

A fresh start to the New Year requires a blank 2024 printable calendar to write down all your upcoming plans and deadlines. We’ve already logged the major holidays plus an inspirational quote at the end of each month to keep spirits up throughout the year.

Pin your printable calendar to corkboard, hang it on the fridge, or laminate it to keep in a binder or notebook.

How to Use Your 2024 Printable Calendar

  • Keep track of recitals or school functions
  • Log medication time or pharmacy visit dates
  • Use as a reminder for upcoming dinner plans or get-togethers
  • Mark birthdays, anniversaries, or important dates
  • Setting your goals and mapping your progress
  • Use as a cleaning/organizing program
  • Enter due dates for payment of bills
  • Record your weight if you are on a weight loss journey
  • Or just use as a reminder what day it is currently!
Three Pages of 2024 Printable Calendar

here is your download

You’ll only need a handful of supplies including a Printer, paper, and colored ink. take some cardstock If you want a robust calendar!

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