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2024 Free Printable Super Bowl Bingo

Free printable Super Bowl Bingo game

Maybe not everyone at your big game party is a football fan, so print out these free printable Super Bowl Bingo cards to entertain them! Find items and numbers while watching the game – and commercials to win – prizes or just bragging rights!

Super Bowl bingo cards with fake food on plates on a white patterned table

How to Print Your Own Super Bowl Bingo Cards

Click the button below to download our free printable Super Bowl bingo cards and print them on your home printer!

There are a total of 10 bingo cards so everyone can play!

I like to print my Bingo cards on thicker card stock so they’re more durable for repeated games, but regular printer paper works well too! You can print it on any standard inkjet or laser printer at home or at your local print shop.

Cut the cards apart using the cutting marks as a guide!

Super Bowl bingo card on a black and white background

How to set up your own Super Bowl Bingo game

Here’s how to play Super Bowl bingo with your guests!

Each guest gets one card. There are 10 cards in total and each has instructions printed at the bottom on how to play!

Provide coins, candy, game pieces, markers, or stickers for people to mark items they find.

Decide in advance whether you want prizes for the winners. Here are some fun ideas for Super Bowl Bingo:

  • Candy, potato chips, or other snacks
  • Six cans of beer
  • A funny cup or crown from a party store
  • A hat or T-shirt from a Super Bowl team
Super Bowl bingo cards surrounded by play food on plates

How to play Super Bowl Bingo

Decide in advance how you want to play. To win, guests can Get five items in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) which is how bingo is usually played. This is also mentioned on the card itself!

But feel free to switch it up! Have guests get to the four corners or “X” of the plate.

Guests can Watch the game, commercials, and halftime show to try to figure out the items on their card. They can tag everything they see with the available tags of your choice.

They can Get creative! Maybe they see someone holding a beer in the stands, rather than seeing a beer in a commercial. Or they see one of the numbers during commercials instead of on the player’s jersey. This makes the game more fun!

Once a guest gets five in a row, he or she shouts “Bingo!” You can check their card and give them a prize, or simply crown them the winner so they can brag all night long!

Personalized DIY snack boxes for playtime

More Super Bowl party ideas

Here are some more ideas to pair with your Super Bowl Bingo for the big game!

Photos by Jeff Mindel | Printable layout + Design by Annie Steward Creative direction by Kelly Mindel

We are often asked what food bingo cards can be purchased here! Great for kids, and also fun Super Bowl party props!

Happy Super Bowl!!!


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