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2024 Free Printable Oscar Ballot

Oscar ballot cards on a pink background with a sequin dress next to it

Your free printable 2024 Oscars ballot has arrived! This has become a fun tradition for many of you, and this printable ballot is the perfect addition to your Oscars viewing! It’s a fun way to make some guesses and see how your choices rank!! Scroll down to print your own ballot, and get some of the other ideas I’ve rounded up for celebrating the Oscars, too!

How to print your Oscar ballots

Ballot card for the Oscars on a pink background with sequins next to it

It’s easy to download and print your Oscar ballots. Download the file below and print it on any color printer. Print on computer paper or cardstock.

Free printable ballot for the 2024 Oscars

How to Use a Printable Oscar Ballot

Download and print your 2024 Oscars ballot before the show. Have everyone in your group fill out their ballot for who they think will win each category before the show starts.

When the winner in each category is revealed, circle the winner on your ballot. At the end of the Oscars, count how many winners you got correctly. The person with the highest score wins, maybe a trophy or maybe just bragging rights!

Oscars decor + toys

If you’re having a small get-together and looking for other decor or entertaining ideas, here are some fun ideas we’ve created over the years, featuring lots of glitter and metallic colors!

Food ideas for the Oscars

The most important part of any get-together is the food! Here are some recipes we shared that would be perfect for an Oscars party!

Oscars ballot card on pink background

Printable design by Katie Jones | Photos by Jeff Mindel

Enjoy watching who can get the highest scores with these fun 2024 Oscars ballots!


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