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2023 Lars Wrapped Up – The House That Lars Built

At the end of the year/beginning of the new year, we always like to share some sort of summary of the previous year whether that’s a list of the most important posts or writing about our resolutions for the coming year. This year I wanted to try something different and share a little of this and that – Team Lars highlights, things we liked, and things I loved. We call it 2023 Lars Wrap Up. Consider it a list of things to bookmark as some of our top recommendations.

Let’s start with some highlights from the blog and then work our way down.

Most viewed blog posts of the year

These are the most-read posts of the year. Some of them are a few years old and have been magically seen again. I used most of the bananas in our DIY flower bombing tutorial!

  1. DIY flower bombing
  2. Thanksgiving napkin folding guide
  3. Family heirloom ornaments
  4. Christmas bulb advent calendar
  5. How to make a heart-shaped friendship bracelet
  6. Become Jennifer Tran
  7. DIY bookmark tassels
  8. Paper candle to decorate the Christmas tree
  9. Eid napkin folding
  10. Things I regret about renovating our kitchen

The most important projects for this year

Our home projects featured in our episode of In With the Old were definitely the best posts of the year.

With Brittany Jepsen's old room revealed

The most important moments of the year

2023 brought some life highlights that I will never forget.

  • Decorating the White House for Christmas over Thanksgiving weekend. I haven’t had a chance to blog about it this year because I was sick for almost all of November and December, but I did put together some pieces to share about why I was there and who I was there with. You can see them here, hereAnd here.
  • New website. I wanted a really beautiful website that would really make our content sing and this was the year it all came together in the best ways.
  • Our TV show! We appeared on an episode of In With the Old on the Magnolia Network in February. Home renovation shows are not for the faint of heart (in fact, if you’re offered to do it, write me – I’ve got some ideas 😉 We spent the majority of 2022 working on it and frankly, we still haven’t) I haven’t done anything to our house since!
  • Lars x Lime Ricki – A highlight for our team was the launch of the Lime Ricki swimwear collection in March. This was our first time holding an in-person event since before the pandemic, and it reminded me of why we do what we do – our great community. The set was a success (anyone want a second round?!?)
  • Our partnership with Spoonflower. We’ve been lucky to work with our friends at Spoonflower for a number of years now, and this year has been particularly fun because we’ve been able to use our own patterns in a number of settings such as in bed, in my kitchen, on our walls, and try some new things too. We love them so much!

The most important posts on Instagram

As any Instagram user knows, reels are what we see most often these days, and to be honest, I’m tired of them, but I’m also excited about them. I think it’s very fun. Here are the top Instagram posts this year:

Favorite creative books and magazines

We love curating a wonderful library of inspiring books and magazines in our Lars Library. Here are some of the things that were our staples this year.

Children’s favorite crafts

Best creative resources:

Top podcasts

What we listen to when we work

  • Tell more doctor? Sheila (Amy Poehler’s New Podcast! It’s Hysterical)
  • The mind is a cell
  • not smart

Top Pins

These were the top boards from our Pinterest boards:

Favorite things purchased on Amazon

I have to admit I find these quite boring. Ha! But it was used for specific projects so I’ll excuse it.

Favorite items from our store

Top selling products from our store

Favorite clothes

With our new website, we’ve started a page called “Things We Love,” which might be my favorite thing here. It’s where we share…our favorite things. It is an affiliate program where we earn a small percentage of each sale. Here’s what I loved most!


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