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20 Under The Sea Crafts & Activities for Kids

A collage of undersea crafts

These undersea crafts and activities for kids are the perfect way for your kids to learn more about nature in a fun way. They also make fun additions to an Under the Sea birthday party or camping day! These ocean and under the sea themed craft projects and activities are perfect for younger kids but many are suitable for older kids too!

Shell character

Use shells from the beach or household items Creates Your own shells, for these creative under the sea ideas.

Making seashell creatures.

Seashell creatures

It is so much fun to make these friendly sea creatures with your kids to play in their sandbox. Use regular seashells found at craft stores or ones you find along the beach and the air-dry clay will form the corpses!

Image source and inspiration by Decorated biscuits

Seashell wall hanging craft

Seashell craft hanging on the wall

This seashell craft would look so adorable in a nursery, child’s bedroom, or as a unique decor piece. Create them using seashells from the craft store or ones you found on your last beach trip! Adhere seashells to cotton wire mounted on a wooden dowel or driftwood for a more rustic look!

Image source and inspiration by Really beautiful

Making crayons for marine creatures

DIY sea creature crayons

If you have kids, you probably have some broken crayons around the house! Use them to create these sea creature crayons by melting and cooling them into fun sea creature molds.

Image source and inspiration by Pint-sized treasures

Seashell cupcake paper crafts

Cupcake paper seashell art

The folds of the cupcake liners look like the natural grooves of seashells. Your kids will enjoy cutting, coloring and sticking them on cardboard to create a piece of art.

Image source and inspiration by Handmade charlotte

Seashell drawing craft

DIY painted seashells

If you or your kids have a growing collection of seashells, paint them in bold colors! Painted seashells make great decor or can be a fun activity for kids at an ocean-themed party.

Image source and inspiration by Handmade charlotte

Making seashells with clay

Clay Seashell Craft

Another unique way to use seashells is to make clay seashells. Press the seashells into the air dry clay and that’s it! I love the idea of ​​painting shells or pressing pearls or beads too!

Image source and inspiration by Hi cool

Under the sea photo background craft

Under the Sea Party Photo Background Craft

This photo background craft is made by cutting kraft paper to look like seaweed and seashells. Brown paper is used to make the ocean floor. Add Polaroid photos of your kids inside the envelope or use as a favor for guests where they can insert their own photos from the party!

Image source and inspiration by Mama.Gots (Instagram)

Water-related activities and crafts

Sensory activities are so important for little ones, and these sea-themed sensory activities will get them so excited to get out there and explore!

Sensory ocean bag

Sensory ocean bag

Fill a Ziploc with some ocean-themed supplies to create this interactive sensory bag that will engage and entertain little ones.

Image source and inspiration from Children’s activities blog

Toddler Camp: Outdoor water activities

Just add water

These water activities will make your kids feel like they are in the ocean! All of these ideas are very simple because all you need are some toys you already have and water!

  • Turn on your sprinklers to pretend it’s a waterfall.
  • Add some rocks to the bottom of a water-filled kid’s pool so your kids can have fun looking for them.
  • Add a toy boat to your kitchen sink, bathtub or kiddie pool filled with water.
  • Have fun watering your plants and pretend they are seaweed and anemones at the bottom of the ocean.
Bubble drawing

Bubble drawing

Bubble painting is another interactive under the sea activity perfect for kids of all ages. Mix 2 parts non-toxic paint with 3 parts bubble solution. Acrylic paint can stain, so this is an outdoor activity!

Prop up pieces of watercolor paper for your kids to blow bubbles with the paint bubble mixture. Add more paint or bubbles depending on how “bubbly” you want your solution or how vibrant you want the colors to be.

When finished, let the paintings dry completely in the sun.

How to draw bubbles

Fish crafts

Perhaps the most exciting part of the ocean for little ones is the fish and creatures that live there! These easy crafts for kids feature our favorite ocean-dwelling animals.

Rainbow paper and scale

Crab handprint

Trace your kids’ hands on colorful craft paper to create these crab crafts. Don’t forget to add googly eyes – they are always A hit with toddlers and preschoolers!

Find the full tutorial by Simple everyday mom And photos by Studio DIY

Rainbow paper and scale

Circle punch paper fish

If your kids are obsessed with circle punches, this fish craft will be perfect for them! Using a bunch of colorful craft paper, let them make lots of circles. Then, cut out the fish shape and let them glue all the circles onto the scales! Add a googly eye and some details with a marker.

Free activities for toddlers: Make clip art

Under the sea paint swatch collage

Use regular paint samples from your local hardware store and then cut out seahorse, fish and seaweed shapes. Tape everything onto a piece of poster board or watercolor paper to create an undersea collage.

Image by DIY Studio

Jellyfish craft

Jellyfish paper craft plate

Do your kids love jellyfish? This undersea craft is made by painting plain paper plates with blue paint. Add googly eyes and use a hole punch to thread string to make her claws.

Image source and inspiration by Conservamom

How to make paper mache Finding Nemo fish

Paper fish

Paper mache is a classic craft for kids, it’s so messy but so much fun! Best of all, you can make paper mache using things you already have in your home. Try our paper fish tutorial to make a whole school of cute fish that you can display on a child’s shelf!

picture Source and tutorial via Studio DIY

Origami fish making.

Origami fish craft

Origami fish is a creative craft made entirely out of paper. Origami seems hard to do, but this fish craft is actually very simple and only takes 5 minutes to complete. Don’t forget to add eyes and a smile to bring these little ones to life!

Image source and inspiration by Mother made it

Moon sands activity.

DIY sand moon

Homemade moon sand works similarly to ocean sand so it can be used as a sensory play activity. Get crab, starfish or fish molds or make a sandcastle!

Image source and inspiration by Childhood magic

Undersea diorama

A diorama is a 3D craft that can be a hands-on activity for kids and a great way to illustrate the ocean and the creatures within it. If your child is younger, cut a hole in a box for him and then ask him to draw a picture to stick inside. Add blue tissue paper and mini paper sea creatures to complete this ocean theme.

Image source and inspiration by Almost perfect (Instagram)

Killer whale under sea craft

Killer whale making dolls using a paper bag

Put on an ocean-themed puppet show? These killer whale paper bag puppets are just the thing you need to complete your display! This craft is great for kids of all ages, especially preschool and elementary age kids.

Image source and inspiration by Simple everyday mom

Light up coral reef craft.

Light up your tropical coral reef craft

This nautical craft glows in the dark, so you’re sure your kids will love it! Reuse egg cartons and fill them with colorful tissue paper and LED candles. Pipe cleaners form the stem and paper fish are placed on top so they look like they are swimming in the ocean!

Image source and inspiration by Craft train

Mermaid crafts

Salt dough starfish craft

Starfish salt paste

Salt dough starfish are an excellent activity for kids of all ages. This could also be a really fun birthday party activity for under the sea/ocean or mermaid guests. Simply make salt dough, roll it out, and let kids cut out their favorite sea creatures. Paint the starfish and then decorate with glitter or glue on beads or pearls.

Image source and inspiration by Mama’s diary

Glitter jar of slime activity

DIY glitter slime jars ocean

Our Glitter Ocean Slime Jars are a fish tank in a jar! Fill mini jars with glittery slime and then have fun adding toy ocean creatures like starfish and octopus!

Image source and inspiration by Pumpkin and princess

More activities and crafts for kids

The surroundings are vast and ideas for different activities and craft projects you can do with your kids are there too! Whether you’re having an ocean or mermaid party or just want to do something with your ocean-loving kids, these craft projects are sure to be fun for everyone!


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