#183: What’s Next, House Vibes, & Yet Another Embarrassing Moment


We’re leaving this random pop-in episode for Sherry to share one of the most embarrassing stories ever told on this podcast. Of course it had to happen in the nicest house we’ve ever stayed in (in front of one of Sherry’s personal heroes). We’re also listing what’s left on our to-do list, and answering the much-anticipated question: What’s your next big project? Plus, we tell you what we find different about this house than our previous one (and what different impressions you might have about us if you visited without us). Finally, each of us has shared some recent home-related purchases and books and TV shows that are making us laugh (or bite our nails, but in a good way).

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What’s new

Grid kitchen reno driveway and walkway plus bathroom of three projects

  • We Mentioned 3 “Big” Projects That Were On Our List our last podcast episode From 20 months ago, so here are the blog posts where you can see how they all turned out (or, in the case of the bathroom, why we abandoned the idea):
  • While we’re working on writing a post about updating the shelves in our utility closet, here you can take a look. basic utility closet makeover With Cube Organizer (we actually lived in that place for about a year to test it, which can be very helpful).

Cubby storage shelf in utility closet with butcher block counter

  • And here we are in our “podcasting cocoon” to record this episode. I swear there’s a microphone behind those pillows we put on to help improve the sound (the blankets on the table and the curtains closed help, too).

John sat behind the pillow for the podcasting record

Well, this is embarrassing

  • Our friendship with Vern Yip began when he called on our podcast in 2016 (Episode #15) And we finally met in 2017 to sign your book as per design,
  • Over the years we slowly became Instagram friends, and since his home is a little out of town from ours, we now try to meet up whenever he’s in town. See how impressed Penny is with the star:

Vern Yip with Craig Sherry John at our house

  • If you want to see pictures of their beautiful beach house, it’s featured in their book holidays at home and it has a few shots This online HGTV feature,
  • But we know you really came to see the “re-evaluation” photo Sherry took after her ordeal (note the clearly visible hinges of the open door).

Sherry Selfie in the fancy powder room bathroom

  • Oh, and we weren’t able to find the episode with Sherry’s story about Kevin Bacon, but luckily you got the gist of it from this episode. If you’re listening to an old eps and come across this, feel free to DM Sherry so we can link it here.

Which House Looks Most Like “Us”?

  • As we said in the episode, it’s hard to explain or portray such a subjective feeling, but maybe the photos below will help capture it? This is a picture of our previous house’s attached bathroom (one of 3 bathrooms in the house) and below it is a picture of our current shared (only) bathroom:

Traditional marble bathroom with herringbone walk in tile shower

Modern white bathroom with mint chevron floor and floating wooden shelf in the window

  • And perhaps when you compare the exterior of our current home to our previous home, you’ll see what we mean by a more quaint and cozy feel, while our last home felt more stately and traditional.

front of white modern house with lots of greenery

White House Spring Closure From Driveway 1024x768

  • Sherry also noted the difference between our two kitchens – one has a huge 10′ island with custom extra thick quartz, and the other has a cozy dining table in the middle of a much smaller room.

Final Kitchen 2020 From Living To Eating 1024x703

View of the stairs from the front door and pink-painted kitchen cabinets

  • Perhaps another good comparison is what one might imagine standing in the walk-in closet of our previous home, looking at our current bedroom closet setup (second picture), which is Ikea wardrobes placed along our bedroom wall. .

Sherry selfie in arched brass mirror in master closet

John removing clothes in Ikea Pax wardrobe

  • Again, nothing is an accurate representation of how the contrast feels*for us personally* (and it’s all very subjective anyway), but hopefully these pictures help illustrate the amorphous idea we were trying to convey.

we are digging

  • Here are links to all the books we mentioned, including the two books Sherry has already talked about a lot on Instagram this year:
  • We’ve also mentioned a lot of the shows, so below are where you can find them and links to their trailers on YouTube if you want the teasers (language warning, by the way)
  • As far as household items go, here are acrylic purse dividers Sherry built her closet to help better organize some of her smaller purses, wallets, and clutches. They are sold in 2-packs and this is just 1 picture below.

acrylic purse clutch divider organizer

  • it is nail polish caddy This has helped Sherry organize all of her nails, as well as making it a lot easier to see the colors.

Nail Polish Clear Carrying Case Organizer

  • And, finally, here’s a picture of ReFurnished Amazon Echo Show 5 Which I got for our kitchen. We got mine for about $40 during a sale, but sometimes new versions Cheaper than refurbished – so be sure to check before ordering.
  • You can see a graphic of the tropical plant that won Sherry’s heart below. This is one of the standard clockfaces that Amazon offers, so we didn’t really do anything special to get that picture there.
  • We also have two blog posts about how we use smart tech in our home, if you’re curious:

Amazon Echo Show 5 with Tropical Plant Clock Screensaver

If you’re looking for something we explored in a previous episode but can’t remember which show notes to click on, here it is A master list of what we’re looking for From all our previous episodes. You can also see all the books we recommend book Club Page.

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