15 Slow Cooker Hacks For Every Household


A slow cooker is designed to make your life easier – so pull it out of your storage and start using it now!

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Slow Cooker Hacks Every Busy Household Should Do

Slow Cooker Recipes

Almost all slow cooker recipes require putting all the ingredients inside and forgetting about it. How cool is that?

But, did you know that you can do so much more with your Kitchen Aid slow cooker?

Yes, you heard right! This list will open your eyes to what great life hacks you can use your slow cooker for!

Check out these awesome recipes you should try right now!

1. DIY Crockpot Candles

There are many good reasons to start using your slow cooker for your dinners. But, did you know that you can also make other things using your trusty slow cooker?

Take this idea from Hello Glow, for example.

Who would have thought you could even make candles at home using an inexpensive crockpot? No need to run to the store every time you need candles!

2. Slow Cooker Lotion Bars

Do you experience dry skin in winter? Here is a slow cooker Hack from Simply Darling To help you with that.

Keep a few of these lotion bars in different corners of your home so you can moisturize your skin whenever you need it. They are quite hard on their own, but slowly melt when exposed to your body heat.

Definition of Lotion Bar: A lotion in solid form that looks like bar soap. It is used to moisturize dry skin and not for showering or bathing.

3. Homemade Crockpot Yogurt

Looking for easy crockpot recipes? You can actually make your own yogurt in a slow cooker.

What else do you want? You only need two ingredients for this hack!

When in doubt, check it out 2-Ingredient Crockpot Yogurt Recipe By Practical Stewardship for a best crockpot deal. wctMaVj0&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBPRKGfIrh8Xn_8vZpE0Od9RIN63N5nL_RVRmDJQGJr49_M1D4pkqJxFG_W437EmweivSb6XoBrQiyNaqD068QD01 c64eMNE3bA_dqvFA-UsnpFmAcyQ9xVE5AuEoBze p1ZKt3YLxzDXYHbKYYK3wCDT_a127gyjw9LmIFErDGzchrcgbAn797W8a83AvLHLugAh2_4wAwDu44 CrY4nr9xwpYNRRlhRc4RMQ6lDuKAdfatsTe4E3eHHu6mmKo41xSNDfeYI2DgEDZ4wyZit-ds4Y4sw&__tn__=EHH-R

4. Melt chocolate in slow cooker

do you always use Melted chocolate? There are many ways to melt chocolate, but if you need to do something else, this hack from The Yummy Life is a foolproof, hands-off way to do it.

I love putting melted chocolate in these fun little molds, freezing them, and then giving them as gifts!

5. Crockpot Bread

If you hesitate to try Bake homemade bread For fear of burning it, here’s the solution: use your slow cooker. No more burning bread in the oven with it Slow Cooker Bread Baking Tip By Living Sweet Moments.

The bread won’t have a golden brown crust, but it’s still going to be fully cooked and soft.

6. Oatmeal Honey Crockpot Soap

Have you ever tried making your own soap? If not, you must pay it DIY Oatmeal Honey Soap Nerdy Farm Wife by a shot.

This slow cooker hack is fun, interesting, and definitely something you and your family will use for weeks or even months!

7. Dye yarn

If you haven’t heard of it yet, your slow cooker can also dye yarn. Super cool, right?

You will actually be able to color the yarn however you like with it DIY project by Creative Green Living.

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8. Crockpot Crayons

I’m sure you’ve heard of melting crayons and recycling them. Here’s a way to do it using the slow cooker!

this TP Craft DIY Projects It will show how it’s done.

9. Slow Cooker Rice Pudding Brulee

If you’re craving something sweet and you want to whip up something easy, you should consider giving this a try Slow Cooker Rice Pudding Recipe By Baked Brie. It’s easy and yummy!

10. Searing the meat first

To add depth and flavor to slow-cooked meat, sear it on the stove top first! The extra few minutes of prep time will be worth it as you can see in this Recipes simply by scratch.

The caramelized flavor you get searing meat Something you can’t achieve using just a slow cooker. Of course, the meat will be tender, but it will not be tasty.

11. Crockpot Playdough

If you’re still not convinced that you can use your crockpot to make other things that aren’t food, check out this easy tutorial Make Crockpot Play Dough From Repeat Crafter Me.

Just a quick tip: I’ll use liners for this so it’s a little easier to get the play dough out.

12. Slow Cooker Applesauce

If you have a kid (or even if you don’t), you’ll definitely appreciate this hack. create Chunky applesauce Ahead of Thyme’s instructions are easy to follow anytime.

13. Crockpot Air Freshener

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t escape the smell of food in the kitchen. If you’re bothered by the smell of food cooking in the air, learn how your crockpot can neutralize it. DIY from about a mom.

14. Clean your slow cooker

With all the things you make with your slow cooker, I’m sure you’re asking if there’s a hack to clean it. Well, you’re in luck!

this Clean hack Clean Mama will actually make your cleaning life a lot easier!

15. Crock-Pot Christmas Potpourri

You can spruce up your home during the holidays with these simple tricks Crock-Pot Christmas Potpourri By Tranquility Cove!

What makes this potpourri amazing is that it only requires natural ingredients like orange peels, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla.

Check out this video from BuzzFeedVideo for some amazing crockpot hacks:

Isn’t it amazing? Just like you, I am amazed at all the things I can do with my slow cooker!

It has become my new favorite cooking tool.

I love how versatile it is, and I’m still constantly on the lookout for new things I can do with it Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing more as I get a new list of slow cooker hacks and recipes!

What do you think about these slow cooker hacks? Let us know in the comments section below!

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