We are months away from welcoming the New Year. So, here’s a list of November celebrations you should know before ending the year with your team!

As the 11th month of the year, November gives us various celebrations that are undoubtedly worth cheering for! In addition to Thanksgiving Day and Veterans Day, November is a month to celebrate the history and heritage of National Native American Heritage Month. Moreover, it is also a month of awareness and observance to recognize and celebrate!

1. National Native American Heritage Month

Each year in November, National Native American Heritage Month celebrates their rich history, diversity, and their contributions to First Nations communities. It is a celebration to honor the relationship and commitment between American Indians and Alaskan Natives. Find out how you can celebrate it here.

2. National Recycling Week, November 7-13

Every year in November since 1996, Planet Arc, an Australian environmental organization, has raised and shared awareness of the importance of recycling in society. From schools, councils, organizations and even individuals, the group aims to raise awareness about recycling. It is also believed that the idea of ​​recycling was already adopted in the 1900s, especially during the war. Nowadays, recycling plays an important role in saving our space to protect and keep a better place As a small business, we believe in the impact of following a sustainable recycling practice As the new quarter unfolds, we are pleased to introduce furoshiki – an environmentally sustainable wrapping method of Japanese tradition. Introduce your team on purpose furoshiki Through our virtual experience where we will teach you various fabric-wrapping techniques that are useful for everyday living.

3. Dia de los Muertos, November 2nd

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead in Mexican culture, is one of the most popular celebrations in Mexico. Well, this Day of the Dead is commemorated in different parts of the world, especially in countries with a major Catholic population. Traditionally, people visit the graves of their deceased loved ones with their families to commemorate them by praying, eating, playing music and placing their photos on their tombstones.

Sugar skulls are very popular in Mexico. In fact, it is the symbol of Día de los Muertos because it represents the dead. But people have taken it more attractively where they are colorfully painted and decorated. Although it’s way past the celebration, you and your team can still learn skull painting Kits on demand Exclusive virtual team-building activity. Make your own sugar skulls that you can place anywhere to give it a pop of color and texture!

4. Japanese Culture Day, 3 November

November 3 is an important day as the Japanese celebrate Culture Day. It is established by Japan’s constitution as their national holiday. Also known as “Bunka No Hai”, the day is celebrated to honor and respect their culture, arts and academia.

There is a list of ideas to celebrate this day and we have found unique ones. Discover more about Japan’s exquisite culture and arts in our Japan-inspired virtual team-building ideas and private events for your team such as Suminagashi Virtual or in-person experience learning the traditional art of ink painting, and Sushi rollingThe most convenient way to make sushi at home.

5. Dev Diwali, November 7

Held after 15 days Diwali, Dev Diwali is a celebration of the gods. In honor of Lord Shiva, Indians celebrate by lighting up the place by lighting up the streets and rivers. Traditional mantras are also practiced while there is playing of shells and beating of drums. And as part of honoring Lord Shiva, thousands of devotees take themselves to India’s famous river Ganges, where they immerse themselves in the holy waters.

6. National Happy Hour Day, 12 November

Where does the term “good hour” come from? It originated from American Native slang in the 1920s after World War I. Happy hours were originally observed on naval ships by sailors engaged in recreational activities to escape the hardships of their lives at sea.

A happy hour is a popular event celebrated by a wide variety of people. From office parties to family functions, happy times are celebrated with gusto. This quarter, for a new kind of fun, we’re taking you on a trip to experience Hawaii with us. Tiki Cocktails and Mocktails. Make 3- 2 recipes with your group, and 1 recipe whenever you want to party on your own!

7. World Kindness Day, 13 November

Declared an international holiday in 1998, the World Kindness Day movement was founded to promote kindness in the world. It is also interested in promoting the opportunity to reflect on one of the most important human principles—kindness

In celebration of World Kindness Day, we are pleased to participate in Heart of Diner’s initiative to support and recognize the vulnerable elderly Asian community around New York. Join us in creating handwritten notes to attach to each lunch or care package. Learn more about Heart of Dinner, how you can join us and more details here.

8. Anti-Bullying Week, 14 November

Even now, bullying is still an epidemic that people go through every day of their lives but the worst affected are young children. According to statistics, an alarming percentage of bullying reports are coming from in-person bullying to cyberbullying. Bullying in any form carries great risks for a person’s mental health, even violence and self-harm. The effects of bullying can last a lifetime and change a person for life.

Extend your support for Anti-Bullying Week by:

  • Wear a pink shirt

  • Wear odd socks that symbolize difference

  • Pledge your support by signing up for organizations dedicated to supporting anti-discrimination/anti-bullying

  • Spread awareness by sharing articles and any type of post on various social media platforms

  • Victims or witnesses, especially young people, sometimes tend not to disclose their experiences. As a family, friend and loved one, recognize the warning signs of bullying such as: These are.

9. Women Entrepreneur Day, 19 November

We celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month to recognize the risks, challenges and successes of starting a business. Today is dedicated to women entrepreneurs who have worked hard in their respective ventures. In celebration of Entrepreneur Month and women entrepreneurs, Aimee, founder of Food Craft, shares her story in a podcast episode with Jennifer. Listen to the full episode link.

10. Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, 24 November

As people look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving, it has become a family tradition in the United States Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Every November 4th in NYC. This is one of the biggest and most anticipated events this holiday season with floats and hundreds of volunteers making the event a success that families can enjoy at home or in private. For this year’s event, the route will be from Central Park West to 59th Street, then east to 6th Avenue, and then south along 6th Avenue to 34th Street and Macy’s Department Store in Herald Square.

11. Thank you, 24 November

Thanksgiving Day is an annual holiday in the United States and Canada. It is a day of thanksgiving to celebrate the previous year’s harvest and blessings. Today, people celebrate Thanksgiving in many ways, but it is most highlighted by a family feast, thanksgiving, and even sharing. gift.

12. Black Friday, 25 November

Back in the day, especially in the 1950s, the term Black Friday was used by Philadelphia police to describe the chaotic situation that occurred after Thanksgiving Day. The city’s shoppers and tourists flood the streets for the Army-Navy football games that take place every Saturday during Thanksgiving week. In modern times, Black Friday has become a day where people stock up on anything from stores and get discounts. No wonder people still line up the day before Black Friday sales! Are you ready for this year? We recommend that you make a list of only valuable items to buy on Black Friday, such as the DIY kits for adults that you will find on our website. Great discount deals!

13. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November

The commemoration of this day is rooted in the murder of the Mirabal sisters. Over the years, on November 25, 1981, movements focused on raising awareness of violence against women have spread and women’s advocates have participated. On December 17, 1999, a United Nations resolution formally established November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

5 facts you should know about violence against women according to National Today:

  • An estimated 35 percent of women worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse by a non-partner.

  • Some studies show that up to 70 percent of women have experienced violence from an intimate partner.

  • Women and girls account for 71 percent of all human trafficking victims.

  • More than 1 in 10 women have experienced coercive sexual activity in their lifetime.

  • At least 140 countries have laws against domestic violence and sexual harassment.


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