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11 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Home

If you’re a self-confessed coffee lover, you’ll love these easy DIY coffee bar ideas perfect for your home.

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Coffee Bar Ideas | Gorgeous design that is the perfect addition to your kitchen

1. Narrow cabinet-turned-coffee-bar

hand-held-white-coffee-cup-by |  11 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home

Got some narrow cabinets in the kitchen that you don’t really use much? One of the best kitchen coffee bar ideas is to convert them into well-stocked coffee cabinets that will serve as your one-stop-shop for all your morning needs.

The concept is especially suitable for those on a budget as it does not involve buying new things. All you need to achieve this is a cup of patience and a teaspoon of creativity.

Tip: To give it a neat and classy finish, keep the counter as clean as possible. If you can, use it only for coffee machines and essentials like sugar and creamer. You can also add some decorative pieces like a chalkboard with cute writing.

2. Signs of salvaged wood

very-bright-shot-three-color-mug  11 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home

Having a coffee bar doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, you can easily set any location Upcycling some old discarded wood.

Shape it to your liking, add some hooks for hanging mugs and voila, you have your very own rustic DIY coffee station. Not only is it good for your wallet, it’s also great for the planet!

3. Recycled Bookshelf Coffee Bar

Modern-Office-Library-Interior-Design-Decor |  11 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home

Instead of throwing it away, why not use that old bookshelf and convert it into a coffee station? This is another project that is perfect for beginners in the world of DIY-ing.

To add some creativity to your bookshelf coffee station, store some old reading favorites on one of the shelves below. You can use canisters and wire baskets to store your essentials and maximize space.

4. Multi-level coffee bar

Save some of that valuable real estate on your countertop by thinking vertical. Hanging shelves are a great space-saving and creative way to decorate your kitchen.

Personalize your shelves in a variety of shapes and sizes that perfectly fit your coffee spoons, mugs, containers and other morning joe needs.

5. Refurbished marble-topped table

Homemade-Iced-Latte-Coffee-Glass-Straw |  11 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home

Create an old marble-topped buffet table that you can find at your local antique or thrift store to give your kitchen a cozy, vintage coffee station. The table adds texture that’s perfect for any blank, white space in your kitchen.

Clean and touch up any damaged wood before polishing the marble top. Then, place the table under some shelves and arrange as you see fit.

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6. Concrete-topped coffee bar

morning-coffee-ideas-turkey-turkey-beans |  11 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home

For more seasoned DIYers, using reclaimed wood and concrete is a great solution to your coffee station needs. It’s a great touch to add to an empty corner in your home, especially with a beige or white background.

For an extra finishing touch, you can also install some floating wooden shelves on top of it. This would be suitable for holding coffee beans and even complementing the rustic look of some plants.

7. French Bakery

stylish-antique-decor-pine-cone-white |  11 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home

France may be thousands of miles away and travel may now be limited. However, that shouldn’t stop you from adding some Parisian charm to your home using this chic coffee bar that’s easy Parfait for La cuisine.

Complete the look with some hanging baskets for muffins and other bakery items. You can add some white candles and clear creamer container. Accent the look with a black chalkboard decorated with the menu for the day.

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8. Modern kitchen coffee bar

dining-room-chalkboard-wall-wooden-chest  11 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home

Does your home have a modern aesthetic? Align your coffee bar with the rest of the home feel with this contemporary coffee station.

Use mostly black, white and gray colors. Add some accents by combining some wood colors and maybe a few green plants in black or white containers.

9. Industrial-themed coffee bars

industrial-shelving-unit-coffee-bar-set |  11 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home

A few spare pipes and scrap wood lying around in your garage will come in handy in setting up this industrial-themed coffee bar. You can easily use it to add an extra layer of cleanup to any cluttered countertops you may have.

Kona Coffee Tripak

10. Scandinavian Coffee Corner

dining-room-kitchen-interior-wall-mock  11 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home

This coffee bar set up, with its curated accents and monochromatic palette, embodies the saying that simplicity is beauty. The modern, minimalist style makes it the perfect addition to your coffee spot as it gives it a cozy yet stylish vibe.

11. Traveling coffee carts

shelving-cart-tableware-kitchen |  11 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home

There’s no better way to celebrate National Coffee Day than with your friends over a cup of joe. Instead of going to their coffee station, a great coffee bar idea is to bring the coffee station to them.

Keep the tea, coffee, and hot cocoa flowing throughout the afternoon by storing it in a bar cart that you can easily move from room to room. Place your coffee maker and all essentials on the top shelf for easy access On the other hand, fragile items like cups and mugs should be placed on lower shelves.

Need help setting up your own coffee bar? Check out this quick and easy-to-follow DIY coffee bar design from Love at Home:

For those who need a daily dose of intravenous caffeine, a coffee bar is a must-have at home. The coffee bar ideas above not only make grabbing your cup of joe a breeze, they’re also aesthetically-pleasing decorative pieces to add to your home.

Do you have other coffee bar ideas you’d like to share? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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