10 Apartment Decor Ideas to Make a Plain Space Feel Like Home


Moving into a new rental unit is like working with a blank canvas, only there are rules! You cannot do whatever you want because that place does not belong to you. But still, you want to make it feel like home. Here are some apartment decor ideas that will brighten up beige or millennial gray walls!

Living Room Apartment Decor Ideas

before moving to my new home, I have lived in a rental unit for less than a year. I sold my house over ten years ago, and there was nothing on the market yet that was a perfect fit for the kiddos and me. So I stopped renting for a while.

Being a brand new build, everything was clean and modern. And to be honest, I had a hard time with it! i saw everything Millennial gray walls and white everywhere, and I asked myself, How do you style a boring apartment?

I got to work adding lots of color and plants, and the place was completely transformed – there was a big difference between the before glow and the after glow. People would come in and comment on how much they liked the place.

Making a rental feel like home can be difficult. Especially those who follow this new trend of being completely sleek and monochrome.

Now that I’m in my new home, I thought I’d give you a little tour of my rental and how I made it feel more homey with these apartment decor ideas.

This post will cover…

Dog chewing bone next to electric fireplace in living room
I was lucky enough to have a built-in electric fireplace.

10 Apartment-Friendly Decor Ideas


You know my first suggestion would be to add lots of plants! The easiest way to breathe life into a rental apartment with millennial gray walls, is to add life. you can Add a collection of plants in groupings, hanging plants, or large focal plants.

Check out my guide on how to arrange plants in the living room. But you can add them to any room, including bathrooms and hallways.

Plants on the cabinet for apartment decoration
Add plants with different colored leaves and sizes.

dried flowers

If you don’t have a green thumb, I recommend adding some dried flowers to the decor of the apartment. They are long lasting exposure to color. They can have different feels, from rustic to chic, depending on the flowers you include.

I also use dried allium seed heads. You can find such unique shapes Drying flowers and leaves from your garden.

Bouquet of dried flowers sitting on top of a dresser as apartment decoration
Keep dried flowers away from sunlight for longer shelf life.


Books are another great renter-friendly decor. Of course, I have many of my own books scattered everywhere. And they are so colorful and bright!

glass covered bookshelf with hanging hinges
I always keep copies of my books.

but my favorite thing to do is sdeal with them, From sitting on my nightstand to holding my computer monitor, I use many books!

Even if you’re not a reader, you can decorate with books. I encourage you to visit thrift stores Choose books based solely on how colorful and beautiful the cover and spine are,

Snake plant sitting on a pile of books next to a brass water can on the windowsill
Even something functional like a watering can can be a decoration.


When you have Millennial gray walls and light colored floors, it can quickly look dull from top to bottom. Don’t forget to make the floor comfortable too, Having a rug can make a room feel like home very quickly. You can quickly add tons of color or pattern to liven up a space.

blue carpet bedroom
Rugs are a must in the living room and bedroom!


Hang stuff on the walls. It’s always one of the last things you do when you move and can be quickly forgotten. But it does make a difference!

i used command strips Since they were advertised as tenant-friendly. Personally, they still damaged my walls, but I know they’ve worked for other people.

the other thing i did was Artwork leaning against the wall. It works for larger artwork, and it still produces a visual impact.

Snake plant in a wooden plant stand with artwork on the floor next to it
This tall painting looks great propped on the floor in a stairwell.

interesting lights

Lighting is perfect for renter-friendly decor because it’s low-commitment but really sets the mood. I encourage you to ignore those built-in pot lights and try Use lamps in the living room and bedroom. They produce warm, diffused light that feels more calming.

Lamp sitting on night stand next to bed as apartment decor
Look! More stacked books and plants. You can really use them anywhere.

Also, add interesting lighting to make things look attractive. i really put Funky Lava Lamp and LED Strip Lighting, led Strip Can be controlled by remote and any color can be changed. This is great for theming around the holidays.

Lava lamp sitting on a windowsill next to plants
My funky lava lamp is made from old records.

colorful clothes

Fabric can be one of the best apartment decor options because it’s something you’ll find anyway, so you can be intentional with what you choose! i always choose Colorful and Fun Throw Pillows For sofa and bed. Also, include cozy blankets and linens to make the living room feel more welcoming.

I’ll also add folded linens to add texture to the bottom of the items.

Cat in the window and throw pillows on the sofa
My cat’s magic always likes a good attitude.


Whether you leave them empty or fill them with dried flowers, vases alone are a great apartment decor idea. Catch them in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. The more variety, the better!

You can find great vases at thrift stores. That way you collect unique and beautiful vases that you can’t find at the store.

I even put a vase in the bathroom! It was the perfect home for my marimo moss balls.

Marimo moss balls sitting in a clear vase on bathroom countertop
Plant plants that prefer low light and humidity in the bathroom.

various textures

I always like to remind people that when decorating a space, you want to incorporate a variety of textures. it means you want natural elementslike plants or wood, with smooth finishsuch as glass or concrete. add different shapes, from rounded corners to pointed ends. Each will give different feelings.

If you add a little bit of everything on this list, you’ll automatically be adding a lot of different textures.

Monstera in a window next to a statue of a bird sitting on a folded piece of linen
This piece of linen brings another texture to this decorated window.

Your unique touch!

Don’t forget to showcase your personality when looking for apartment decor., For Kiddo and me, one of our standout creations was the man we call King Frogerson. That’s a painting we bought from Facebook Marketplace. Once we saw it, we knew we needed it immediately. It fits the colors and quirky home environment.

You’ll find touches of my style throughout the home, from the brass water jug ​​to the trinkets I’ve collected over the years. It really makes my house feel like home!

Painting of a frog dressed in rough clothes as apartment decoration
King Frogerson!

Apartment Furnishing FAQ

How can I warm up gray walls?

Even with gray walls, you can add color elsewhere in the room. Start from the ground up with a comfortable rug, then add some complimentary furniture. This will give you a starting point for adding artwork, plants and other decorations. Choose warm, ambient lighting to make the room feel cozy.

How do I decorate a rental wall?

Just because it’s a rental doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the walls. Ask if you can add some nails and hooks to hang items. If not, you can always try a non-aggressive hanging alternative like command strips. i have also seen command strip cabinets Which you can use to add little decorations to the wall!

Try some of these gray living room ideas for your wall: macrame, tapestry, artwork, clocks, posters, photos, prints, and warm lighting.

macrame wall hanger apartment decor
Macrame wall hanging.

How do you bring life into a rental apartment? Let me know in the comments below.

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